Sweevo's World
By Gargoyle Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Sweevo's World

Could this be the world's first slapstick computer game? Well, maybe. But one thing is for sure. Sweevo is a character who will bring a smile to the face of even the most jaded games player.

Sweevo - or Self Willed Extreme Environment Vocational Organism - has been given the job of cleaning up a problem planet called Knutz Folly. It's an old planet created by Baron Knutz and his wife Hazel.

The Baron indulged in some odd genetic experiments and the results of this dabbling have now completely overrun the planet. Sweevo's job is simply to tidy up the planet.

Sweevo's World

He has to discover just how to use the objects he discovers on the planet - and what effect they have on the creatures. Each of the deadly guardians of Knutz Folly have a special weakness which our hero has to discover and make use of to get rid of them?

Sweevo looks most unlike a robot or android. He looks a bit like William Wobbler - with a long neck and a winning grin.

The rooms he has to explore are full of deadly fruit. Yes, fruit. Don't walk into them or you'll injure poor old Sweevo. He's allowed three falls before he loses a life. You begin the game with five.

The rooms are drawn in Ultimate 3D style. Each contains objects which may or may not be useful. Some can be collected and used. You'll come across the Word "BOO" in various locations. Collect this and you can say BOO to the Goose which lays the Golden Egg and gives you more energy!

Your current energy rating is indicated by a "face" at the top of the screen which begins with a big grin which gradually turns to a grimace as you lose energy by bumping into things. One bump too many and it turns into a skull.

Watch out for the air vents which blast you back to another level. But sometimes they can come in useful if you've done what you came to do.

You can begin the game at any one of four starting points. Simply select which one you want at the start of each game. Sweevo sits and waits until you've made your choice and then heads for a hole and parachutes through using his trusty umbrella.

At the end of each game you get a percentage rating - plus a list of the things you have or haven't collected/done and a comment about the level of your performance.

Sweevo's World is a truly different and atmospheric game. And it has built in humour. Lots of nice touches that will keep you and Sweevo on your toes for hours.

Lots of baffling puzzles and amusing jokes.

Could we be witnessing the birth of a cult character here? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, do yourself a favour by grabbing a copy of Sweevo's World as soon as you see one. You won't regret it. We guarantee it.