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By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #69


This review originally consisted of just four words: "Go and buy Stormbringer". That's all there is to it really. But a large expanse of white space looks a bit odd.

Stormbringer is the final game in David Jones' wonderful series of Magic Knight games. Remember Spellbound and Knight Tyme?

At the end of Knight Tyme, Magic Knight had encountered a problem or two with an unreliable time machine while trying to get back to his own era.

He was split into two people. Now there's Magic Knight and the Off-White Knight, or as he is also known, Stormbringer.

Stormbringer is the opposite of good. That means he's bad. Very bad. He gets his name from the very powerful storm cloud he can conjure up and with which he intends to destroy the good guy.

You can't destroy Stormbringer because that would mean you would destroy yourself. Clever, eh? What you have to do is merge with him.

Once again, David has used what he calls Windimation as a means of giving the player command choices. That means a series of windows open on the screen, each with its own information, commands, etc. It's the same system he used in the other two games to great effect.

Magic Knight is controlled by joystick as usual. He moves back and forth against a series of backgrounds (great graphics). Picking up objects, talking to characters and avoiding this annoying little cloud which zaps a harmful lightning bolt at you.

There are 56 locations to explore on the 48K version and 64 on the 128K version.

If you played any of the previous games you'll need no urging to go and buy Stormbringer. It's got great graphics, sound, fiendish problems and great gameplay. And at £2.99, you can afford not to miss out. This is how all budget games should be.