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By Blue Ribbon

Published in The Micro User 7.09

Really scary!

Spooksville has you playing the part of Gaston the Intrepid, bent on finding a Spellbook which has lain deep in the darkness for many centuries.

Now this is not a very nice place and all sorts of nasties will try to thwart your mission. The opposition includes Frankenstein - I suppose they mean his monster - and Dracula. This is the scenario for another arcade adventure game in the style of that old favourite Citadel. The graphics and sound are also closely based on the older game.

Gaston can travel left and right as well as up and down ropes and ladders. Objects can be found to help solve the game - the stake will kill Dracula and the barrel will enable Gaston to escape from Frankenstein's lair.

There is no need to guess at these things, since a fairly comprehensive What to do list is given in the instructions. Essential to success are the ring - hidden in the crypt - and the scroll. The latter is one of the few items whose location and purpose is not revealed before you start.

Old time Citadel players will remember the ghostly cloaked figures which needed a magic spell fired between the eyes to remove them from the screen. Spooksville has similar figures in abundance. In fact, there is one in every room except the starting screen, and all need to be shot.

The strange thing about your weapon is that it only works if you are moving when you fire it. Also its range is so limited that it is "wait till you see the whites of their eyes" time. Tall monsters can't be destroyed by the standard technique - it is essential to find the correct object to deactivate them.

The sound of your heartbeat can be heard as you journey - shades of Spycat - and other noises are made for jumping, firing and colliding with nasties. All sounds can be turned off.

Gameplay is adequate for a budget title but nothing very special. Overall, although cloned on Citadel, Spooksville just doesn't have the same atmosphere. My advice would be to buy the golden oldie and only go for Spooksville if you are truly dedicated to this type of arcade adventure.

Rog Frost

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