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By Blue Ribbon

Published in A&B Computing 6.10

As soon as this game got to me, I was very eager to play it, as it is a Superior copyright game, so I thought that it should be quite good. I was expecting a game on the same scale as perhaps The Golden Figurine. But I was wrong.

The idea of the game is to find and retrieve the Spellbook by avoiding and using to your advantage the creatures and objects that lie on some screens. As soon as the game is loaded, I attempted to play the game, which is near impossible. Even on an Electron which can sometimes be slow, this game was ridiculous.

Movement is at a snail's pace and when you move out of the current room, the screen goes blank and I found that before you reach the next room the screen is blank for seven seconds!


Jumping takes ages and even if you spent around an hour, you'd probably only have seen a very small amount of the game. There are no pictures on the inlay card displaying what all the characters and objects look like, and you'd have to be an expert to see what a lot of them really are. Firing is also possible, but not worth it as the enemy has moved by the time your missile hits it.

I have a Slogger Turbo Driver, which makes things slightly better, but without one then I wouldn't buy the game.

In this game, the nasties are probably the only things which are quite well drawn, especially the birds and some of the monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein. But for £2.99 it doesn't keep you interested for long, because of the speed. I have seen much faster games in computer magazines, which require you to type listing in yourself.

If you are looking for an exciting all-action arcade adventure game, then I don't think Spooksville is for you!

Brett Colley

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