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Home Computing Weekly

Space Caverns
By Byteware
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #35

The quality of home computer software has risen dramatically over the last year with the vast growth in the market for the products.

This means that games which would have been perfectly acceptable a year ago have to compete with games of a much higher standard today. The game is written to last year's standard, and unfortunately has little to recommend it now.

The aim of the game is to penetrate further and further into the caverns, using the Lunar Lander technique of thrust against gravity and directional movement in short bursts. The graphic screens are acceptable but in no way exceptional, and have one major problem.

When you finish one screen by thrusting off the right hand edge you arrive on the left hand of the next cavern. Unfortunately, though, there is no sideways scroll routine, so the screen blanks for a second or so while a new screen is drawn.

This means that you lose control at a time when it is needed, which can end the game prematurely.

Overall, most disappointing - a game to avoid.


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