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Home Computing Weekly

Sea Wolf
By Optima
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #56

It took me a while to decide what type of game this is. You command a submarine trying to sink shipping in order to improve your rank. You are well advised to start as a rating and work slowly up to commander.

So this is a strategy game where you must weigh up the odds and decide if you are going to run or stand. You must balance the damage you have already suffered with your kills so far and energy left.

It was only when I examined the screen in detail that I realised that this is Star Trek on water. You have short and long range scans, computer and damage reports and nasty enemies.

Don't think, though, that it must be old hat. The game is good fun and involves plenty of action, but not all of the dexterity type. You need good reactions - but strategy counts for a great deal. The screen is particularly attractive and well detailed and, although it would have been nice to include colour, the high resolution makes up for the loss. I would like to be able to turn off the rather too realistic, sound though.


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