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Solid Gold
By U. S. Gold
Spectrum +3

Published in Sinclair User #70

Solid Gold

As compilations go, this one is certainly above average. Containing five of US Gold's most highly acclaimed games, in a package that should have something to please everyone. Leaderboard gives you the ultimate in golf simulations, eat your heart out Sevvy. Winter Games, all the thrill of speeding about in the snow. Ace of Aces, superior simulation-cum-shoot-'em-up. Infiltration gives you the chance to fly a helicopter in great style. And finally Gauntlet perhaps the ultimate "Let's be pixies game".

Five superb games for only £9.99. Yes, you may have a couple of the titles, but unless you've got them all, you might as well give Solid Gold a go. It's pure magic.

Overall Summary

A good value package of the better hits of this year.

Jason Roseaman

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