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Snout Of Spout
By Intrigue

Published in Home Computing Weekly #105

I racked my brains for hours trying to think where I had seen the central character of this scenario, and I'm fairly sure that he first appeared in one of the Beatles' films. Either way, Snout of Spout is well named, possessing as he does the kind of hooter of which fog horns are made.

All you have to do is guide him safely through an Oggi orchard - Oggi sound as though they are more at home at a Max Boyce concert - ensuring that Snout is not caught by the Weevils, which could well be more painful that it sounds.

Under your guidance he can climb ladders or slide down poles, and once he has collected all the Oggi in anyone orchard before the timer runs out he can pass into the Drabes caverns. Here you must help him to survive against increasing odds, avoiding pouncing spiders and Drabes' bombs. If he is caught by the Weevils, he loses a life and must be reborn by a painful injection of serum - it says here.

There are two skill levels, relating to the number of creatures to be encountered, and there is the generally pointless but often seen Hall of Fame for those scoring greater than 999 points. Despite the fact that keyboard scans are not debounced, leading all too easily to falling through menus, this is actual1y quite an interesting game, if you like this kind of thing.

This needs Extended BASIC and has a joystick option.


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