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Up Periscope
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #40

This is another in the series of the "chase 'em and kill 'em" type games. The aim is to track and destroy as much enemy shipping as possible with your torpedoes.

Three levels of difficulty are offerd: Normal, Difficult and Impossible. You select a torpedo load - either 12 or 24 - and away you go.

All the instructions are given in separate documentation, and the game is quite involved, albeit slow.

The screen display gives a periscope display of two vessels, one a target, the other an escort.

I tried for some time without success to destroy even one ship; perhaps my heart wasn't in it.

The enemy shipping can drop depth-charges on you, although I never got close enough to incur their displeasure.

You control your speed, depth, and course heading, and can lower or raise your periscope, switching between two different displays as you do so.

One gives you an echo scan of the vessels which you are to sink, while the other gives a duck's-eye view of them as they sit, ripe for sinking.

All in all, I found the game slow and ultimately boring.


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