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Home Computing Weekly

Sky Diver
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

At first this seemed a refreshing change from most of the Invader and Frogger clones which have been flooding the market. However, the promising start did not lead anywhere, and a simple bug soon appeared, making it easy to crash the program.

The aim is to make a successful parachute jump, choosing the moment to leave the plane, open the main chute - or the reserve if that fails - and control the descent towards a target.

The use of graphics is minimal, and the program seems to be very long, taking over two minutes to load and occupying some 11K when running. The keyboard is used to control the plane and parachutist, while the computer controls the heading of the wind. The forward descent of the chutist can also be controlled, although this increases the speed, and in order to and successfully this must be kept below a certain value. Points are awarded or deducted according to accuracy.

Up to four players may take turns, but I feel their interest will be short-lived.


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