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Cannonball Chess
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

The instructions for this complicated war game are contained on one side of the cassette. They warrant a small booklet to themselves. There is just too much to remember, and it's awkward loading the instructions every time a problem occurs. The game takes a long time to load, so this also militates against the practice.

Despite its name, there's no chess involved; I assume that the strategic requirement caused the author to equate it with chess.

It is much more sophisticated than the usual variety, and will probably not appeal to those who don't like thinking about the bashing.

There are two kingdoms separated by a river, and - guess what? - you are the ruler of one, and the ruler of the other has told you to keep your tongue out of his river. The result is war.

The computer acts as moderator, deciding who gets to move how far before they can shoot, and the graphics are good. The game does not take itself very seriously and for those who prefer toy soldiers this would be a good buy. This needs Extended Basic.


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