Roo (Stainless) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #40

Run, climb, jump, punch and duck your way along three different screens in order to reach the baby kangaroo that some wicked monkeys have stolen.

The first screen shows four levels with a ladder leading to each level. Your kangaroo must climb to the top for access to the next screen.

Apples whizz across each level, and unless dodged or punched will knock down Roo, and one of his three lives will be lost.

In the second screen, Roo is bombared by those apples again as he attempts to jump up and across logs suspended from vines. It's no use trying to duck his way round this time, however, so apples must be firmly punched.

In the final screen Roo's poor joey is held aloft on a central column of monkeys. Only by punching these evil primates, one at a time, will the captured baby be recovered.

Control of Roo is from the keyboard, and with so many different actions he can make, sustained concentration as well as deft fingerwork is required to succeed.


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