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Rock 'N Bolt
By Activision
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

Activision has come up with rather an odd game here. You control a little man who must bolt moving girders together. The catch is that he must walk down the girders to do this and can only move from girder to girder if they are touching.

You enter each level via a lift and you must return to the lift once the screen is completed. The nature of the game is such that a high degree of forward planning is required to ensure that you can complete the screen and find a way back to the lift.

Two types of problem are posed. First some screens can be solved in any way you choose. These tend to be the easier type. The second screen requires that the girders be attached in a specified way. This option can be irritatingly tough. The arrays of girders can occupy up to three screen areas depending on the level of difficulty.

Three play options are available. An untimed option acts as a practice mode allowing you to get a feel for the game. The other two options make you perform against the clock but you can earn money for completed screens.

The graphics are slick with reasonable animation. The background music is abstract but very tasteful and didn't become tedious even after an hour's play. Overall a testing game which is tolerably original and very nicely programmed. The bad news is the price. Knock three pounds off it and it's good value.