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Puffy's Saga
By The Hit Squad
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #84

Puffy's Saga

Blimey, Zzap Towers has been hit by a wave of re-releases this month. So here's an extra round-up of bargain booty for your delectation. Yes, it's the Puffy Shadow Warrior Spy Who Loved Me saga!

When I say 'balls' I mean it in the nicest possible sense, of course [Oh yeah! - Ed]. No, really, I'm talking about the game. You have the choice to play one of two characters, either the Pac-Man-style Puffy or his sweetheart Puffyn (is she a bird? Of the feathered kind, I mean). Y'see your character has to escape from a nasty old dungeon cell, not only that but all the 'pad goms' (power dots) in each of the twenty levels have to be collected. Against you are the dungeon denizens, nasty creatures who want nothing more than to burst your spherical little bod.

You don't have any arms; but you ain't 'armless either. Your character has the very antisocial ability to spit at his/her attackers, as well as there being several bonus icons to collect. These include extra speed and firepower, monster repellency (the Ed's record collection would do just as well!), keys to open doors and food to replenish flagging energy. Also magic 'blue goms' can be activated to give level maps, slow the monsters down and even equip the player with a flamethrower (Phwoooooar!).

When first reviewed in issue 66, Puffy's Saga received a decidedly frosty reception. Not surprising as the game was totally inadequate for a full-price release - even on budget it doesn't rise much above freezing point. The main drawbacks are the lack of gameplay, a frustratingly long multi-load and the way the creatures become too vicious too quickly.

Even on Level One you're given very little time to defend yourself against the massed hordes. Save your money and buy something more playable.