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Pool Hall
By Dynabyte
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.07

Fancy a machine code game of pool in Mode 1? It's not quite the same as an evening on the table at the pub but this game by Dynabyte is a very fair representation of the bar-room game. The choice of Mode 1 means that we get high resolution but only four colours including green for the for the table and red (filled and unfilled) for the balls. The movement of the balls is smooth and accurate. You don't get the impression that the pockets are attracting the balls like black holes as you do in some games. You have to hit the target or no deal.

The game allows for two players with two sets of keys on the bottom two rows of the keyboard. The direction and force of shot are controlled, as in Acornsoft Snooker, with a graphics cue which is manipulated into position and lined up before taking the plunge.

While loading, the program actually plays a fairly good version of "The Entertainer" and lists two full screens of instructions (not on the Electron!). There are also some nice sounding clicks for colliding balls, although these are by no means realistic and a sorrowful groan when you inevitably pot an opponent's ball or forfeit a free shot in some other fashion. This is not a full version of pool and some may find the smaller number of balls detracts from the game but in general it is possible to enjoy a little hustling in front of the television.

Dave Reeder

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