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Published in A&B Computing 1.05


Star Trek, being essentially a text game, was really intended for Commodore Pets or TRS-80 Model 1s. Therefore, one really expects some sort of enhanced format once conversion of the game for the BBC Micro takes place. However, this version seems to be a faithful copy of the original; hence I suspect that most of its buyers will be those addicts who caught the disease on other computers.

Having accepted the obvious limitations of this type of game, I can find no real fault with this program: the old navigate, blast the klingons, replenish your supplies menu is still served up. All "action" takes place in Mode 7 which is surely a waste of the BBC's graphics facilities. However, the descriptions are usually fairly concise and accurate and the game is well-described on an accompanying leaflet.

Below are a list of features which I feel would have made the program more enjoyable and a refreshing improvement on that old Star Trek format:

1. More graphical detail. Depiction of important items such as Enterprise, Klingons, starbases, etc, with meaningful characters rather than colourless letters. 2. Improved playability. At present, when a Klingon fires a torpedo, your short range scan shows it approaching you but you cannot move out of the way of its path of destruction. 3. Better and more helpful damage reports. 4. Generally more action and quick-fire incidents to the game. Perhaps the Enterprise could have been shown moving through the Galaxy with the Klingons advancing... the sky (and the programmer's ability) are the limit!

Overall, if you are an old fanatic of this type of game, there's no reason why this program shouldn't keep you occupied in lethal combat for hours. If, on the other hand, you prefer more exciting arcade games, save your cash.

Dave Reeder

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