Your Sinclair


Author: Tony Worrall
Publisher: Mastertronic Added Dimension
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #23


A long, long time ago a race of clever dick beings known as the Miracle Engireers decided to build a fantastic new artwork of roadways on the planet of Plexar. This system of pathways was constructed entirely out of crystal, and supported at the ends by massive diamond towers. It was the most advanced, beautiful and (if used in the wrong way) deadly construction in the universe.

Unfortunately the Engineers were not as smart as they thought. A passing plague wiped them out, and no one was left who understood how to operate the roads.

Years later a new race of beings inhabit the planet, but the workings of the crystal roads are beyond their primitive minds. Every so often a candidate is chosen to journey through the maze in order to placate (they think) the gods. Guess who it is this time!


Yes, this is Plexar, a Trailblazer-like race down a series of vertically scrolling roadways. Avoid the gaps, use the special features, all in true Trailblazer style. Survive the first two sections and it's into the Tower, which is seen from above a la Shadow Skimmer. Move down the roads, follow the arrows and avoid the traps. And that's about all there is to it.

The 3-D moving pathway section, although drawn well, is far too easy to complete, and the overhead section is a little on the simple side too, as long as you watch the energy levels. Complete a section, then it's on to another part of the planet for another bash (and new backgrounds). As I said, the graphics are great, just what you'd expect from Paul (Terminus/Glass) Hargreaves - highly detailed and well used throughout. If you take away the graphics, though, there ain't much of a game left. Still, at budget price it's worth a go just to see the marvellous detail Paul has managed to cram into the program. If you enjoyed Trailblazer this is definitely for you.

Entertaining Trailblazer clone with more depth and better background graphics throughout. A bit on the easy side though.

Tony Worrall

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