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Sinclair User

By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #107


Four of the best here for arcade-adventure fans, all based on classic Capcom coin-ops (try saying that after twelve pints of Ragwort's Old Revolting), plus a bonus for shoot-'em-up fans, LED Storm.

Black Tiger is a multi-level platform game with a martial arts theme, pretty similar in appearance to the equally absorbing Strider. Slightly different is the sci-fi action of Forgotten Worlds, where two players can simultaneously fly over alien planets blasting the hell out of jet-packing lizards and stocking up on heavy weapons at the gun shop.

Ghouls And Ghosts is the sequel to Ghosts And Goblins, and if you enjoyed the original horror platforms classic, you won't want to miss this admittedly similar sequel. Bunged on as a bit of a bonus is LED Storm, a vertically-scrolling space-age racing shoot-'em-up (phew!) which adds a bit of variety to the package. This is a hot one - check it out.

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