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World Globe
By Eclipse
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #12

World Globe

A few issues back we reviewed Space Art by Eclipse Software, and received a number of enquiries about it. This new program uses hires graphics to draw a 3D image of the world globe as seen from outer space.

Rotation may be in any direction east/west or north/ south using the cursor keys in incremental steps of 1 degree (slow), 15 degrees (Normal) or 45 degrees (Fast). The screen display shows the current latitude and longitude of the centre of the globe which is indicated by a flashing yellow box, the direction and speed of rotation and the starting point.

The program may be used in two ways by going through the Pick option to choose a start point either by latitude and longitude references, or by choosing the features list which then displays four options - Cities, Countries, Islands or Features. These four pages contain 240 locations. Choosing a location will result in the flashing cursor square being placed centrally on the chosen location, such as a country or an island, or on the discharge point of a river. The inlay card contains a print out of the pages with all the locations listed together with their reference points.

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