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Narco Police
By Dinamic
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #110

Narco Police

You're in command of the Narco Police - a fifteen-man squad that's as hard as nails (They're that hard, they can eat a whole box of Shredded Wheat without milk or sugar!). Your mission is to infiltrate an island base off the coast of Columbia that is the stronghold of some of the biggest drug dealers in the world.

The team is divided up into three five-man squads, each of which start at a separate point on the island, moving inwards towards the central control area. Viewed in a 3D environment, progress is made using the joystick to either run straight down a corridor, or to edge along the walls to avoid hordes of enemy soldiers, which lie in wait.

These are easily disposed of, however - a quick burst from either your 20mm machine gun or your double-barreled shotgun will have any adversary flying back in a spray of blood (yuck!). Tougher adversaries - usually found behind large machine gun or rocket emplacements - can be taken out with one of three types of missile (single round anti-personnel, multi-round high-explosive, or something which has an effect akin to napalm - *Boom*!).

Narco Police

Utilising the portable computer system (also used for changing squads, firing missiles, aborting the mission or engaging the medical kit), the island's computer network can be tapped into, providing information and letting you unlock doors without the use of heavy artillery. Take care, however, as the drug barons aren't about to give up the fight easily...


The problem with a lot of Dinamic's previous releases lay in the difficulty - they were too blasted hard by half! Narco Police is a change of direction for the Spaniards, but just goes to show what they really can do.

The 3D system is a little slow, and the sprites have the unnerving tendency to travel at snail-speed if enough of them are clogging up the screen, but the one point about this sticks out at all times - it's actually fun to play!

Narco Police

The keyboard element of typing in codes to fire missiles and change squads adds to the gameplay, but it's a bit of a pain having to start typing codes in to activate the medical pack when you're getting the pojees shot out of you!

The sound is really nice, and the sound of machine guns and missiles blasting all over the shop is effective enough to make the neighbours think you've got World War III going on in your room!

Narco Police bodes well for Dinamic, and shows a lot of promise for future games utilising the 3D technique. A good game, and worth a look.

Atari ST

Similar to the Amiga version in most respects, although the sound is a touch weaker, and the intermission stills are missing - but that doesn't stop this from being just as enjoyable.

If blasting things to blazes is your bag, take a peek.

Robert Swan

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