The Micro User

By Leisure Genius
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 4.02

Take a chance with Leisure Genius

Often when an established board game is transferred to the computer something seems to be lost in the translation.

The computer edition of Waddington's Monopoly by Leisure Genius is an exception to this rule.

A tape or disc version of the game is available and the comprehensive instruction booklet sets out the object and rules, which are all as in the original game.


A key strip is provided for the function keys and a miniature layout of the proper board is also provided.

Two to six persons can play at one time, with an option for the computer to take the part of any or all of the players.

Each player enters his or her name then selects a token. The dice are then rolled and the player with the highest total starts the game.


One or two points are worthy of special mention.

All the rules are strictly enforced by the computer, thus ending the usual inter-player arguments that crop up in games of Monopoly.

If you land on another player's property, the owner's token appears on the screen against that property reminding him to claim the rent.


When a player does not take the opportunity to purchase the property on which he has landed a fast and furious auction is held.

There is a facility to engage in negotiations with other players. If a player has a cash flow problem a mortgage can be arranged through the bank, a part always played by the computer.

The graphics are simple but effective with four board squares being displayed from the top to the bottom of the screen. The squares are scrolled up for each move with an accompanying bleep.

The houses and hotels are simple but striking, and the property deeds are displayed when a property is bought.

The computer edition of Monopoly is well written and even more addictive than the board game.

Alan Cockman

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