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Bobby Charlton Soccer
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 3.08

Kick Off Time!

The "in thing" for computer and software houses at the moment seems to be sport simulation games.

Bobby Charlton Soccer, from DACC, is an excellent and addictive game which allows you to actually play the game as well as setting up the skill, stamina and accuracy levels of your players and special team formations.

After completing the Manager module, you enter the match proper in which you can play against the computer or against other players.

The screen displays a TV camera's view of the football pitch, and keyboard or joystick control can be alternated be tween the two players closest to the ball with the computer moving the rest of your team with the flow of play.

The players are a little on the small side, but their movement is very responsive and smooth. The length and direction of a kick is also fully under your control.

All the normal rules of soccer apply, with goal-kicks, throwins, corners, and so on, and the teams change ends at half-time. Any goals are greeted with an enthusiastic roar from the crowd.

When the game finishes, a fresh game starts after a couple of minutes.

There is a facility to watch a demonstration game and this has a nice feature whereby you can, at any time, take control of either side and become involved in the game.

Several options at the start of the program allowyou to set up a new game. They include such choices as one or two players, whether random injuries are to be included, and length of playing time each way - between three and 45 minutes.

The second side of the tape contains a helpful introduction from Bobby Charlton which is well worth listening to before you start playing.

One small criticism is that I would like to have seen a facility to move this program to disc as the loading time is about seven minutes. However, this did not deter me from playing whenever I had a spare half-hour and I was soon able to beat the computer and any unsuspecting friends that called in.

I look forward to seeing the promised World Cup and Canon League modules.

Alan Cockman

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