Sinclair User

Mickey Mouse

Author: Tony Dillon
Publisher: Gremlin
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #76

Mickey Mouse - The Computer Game

Not all of us are overjoyed at the idea of a Mickey Mouse game. For some of us the whole thing is just too cutesy. But Mickey is now starring in a game of his own, and I, despite being chief member of the Mickey Mouse Haters Society, have been given the task of reviewing it. So, here goes. First the plot.

It's a bit twee, but I guess Disney would turn in his cryogenic chamber if Mickey had actually been found doing serious killing. Here goes, are you sitting comfortably? As you might remember, Mickey lives in Disneyland. Unfortunately, a nasty band of ogres have invaded Disneyland (Tourists?) and it's up to Mickey to save his hometown. OK I wasn't enthralled at first but wait...

You play Mickey (so no swearing) and you have to climb a tower using various ladders and platforms. Most of the platforms contain large holes, if Mickey falls through, he tumbles down a few levels, which means he has to climb all the way up again. This makes Mickey very depressed. It's not just a matter of going up and up, though. As you can see from the assorted screens, Mickey is not the only sprite in the tower. Ghosts roam the various platforms (pretty wimpy) but so do giant ogres (more ooerish). To fight them you have to shoot them with, get this, a water pistol. Ogres find this considerably more threatening than you and I seemingly. The large ogres, though, take something a little stronger. What you say, a Kalishnikov, acid in the water pistol? No a little hammer, which, when activated, the mouse uses to hit himself very hard in the face (Is this right? G.T.) And they call me headbanger. I don't know...

Mickey Mouse

On each platform there are doors which lead into the various subgames - there are 5 in all. Graphically, I should stress, the game is very good. The sprites are clear, well animated and amazingly like the original.

The screen scrolls very smoothly and the display is well laid out. The subgames, though nicely presented, are essentially pretty simple and anyway I always think subgames are an excuse for not having a good idea. Good for younger kids perhaps.

The sound I must say is a-p-p-a-l-l-i-n-g. Generally dull and twee, it is also simple and, horror of horrors, it actually plays the death march when you die! This hasn't happened in a computer game since 1948 and is very unwelcome. Sound and maybe simplicity aside (sophisticated kids) this is a pretty strong game with very high quality graphics - Gremlin has tried hard on this one.

Overall Summary

Good game that could have been naff. I still can't stand Mickey Mouse though.

Tony Dillon

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