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By Pirate
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #70


In Cybex you play a droid who has to blow up a moon by collecting a password. To get the letters you have to collect them in alphabetical order from the 192 rooms of the complex on the moon. Boring...

Various aliens roam the four decks of 48 rooms and these have to be either avoided or shot down. When all eleven letters of the password have been found you then must arrange them into an English word. This is done via use of the on-board computer. At the bottom of the screen is the computer, represented by six icons. These display the letters collected, quit the game, use transporter (if standing on one), exit computer, enter notepad mode and change control sensitivity.

Graphics are clear, though not overly so. The animation on the main character is good, and little touches have been included, such as the way the robot drops to a hover when it is not moving. Sound is OK, with a few spot FX, but the gameplay lets the game down. There just isn't enough in the way of action to keep even the most ardent player involved.

Overall Summary

A boring mixture of an isometric 3D game and a maze game. Not much cop - overpriced even on budget.

Tony Dillon

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