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Miami Dice
By Bug Byte
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #19

Miami Dice

Miami Dice is a simulation of the American gambling game craps. This fast and furious dice game is played in most gambling casinos, and in this version up to four players can compete against a computer 'bank'.

When the game first loads you have to input the number of players playing, assign a character to each, and then type in their names (If you want, you can use the names supplied by the computer). There are eight characters to choose from, both male and female, and they include a hippy, a spiv, an old granny, and a Chinese chappy. If less than four players are playing, the computer takes control of the unchosen characters and the game can begin.

The screen displays a view of the table with the players and the croupier (or 'stick man' as the Americans like to call him) standing behind it. The stick man announces that "they're coming out" and hands the dice to one of the players. Each of the players can then place their bets, done by pressing their relevant bet key. When a bet key is pressed, an option screen is displayed listing all the available bets. You can then increase or decrease the amount you wish to gamble by pushing or pulling on the joystick.

The betting screen is very comprehensive and using it you can play the game just like you would in a real casino. You can also view your material status and see all the bets placed in that go. Once everyone has placed their bets the thrower can shake the dice and throw it onto the table (using he joystick and fire button to throw). When the dice have been thrown more bets can be placed, and depending on the result of the throw, another player takes his or her turn to throw the dice.

If you're doing rather well and want to exit from the program, you can ask for an eight digit code which you can type in when you next play, effectively letting you carry on from where you left off.


Miami Dice? Ha, ha! What a name! I was hoping that there would be some kind of enjoyable game behind it, but there isn't. Okay, to be fair, it's not a bad gambling game which will no doubt appeal to those who like throwing their money away.

But for us types who are careful with our money, like my good self, it really isn't very appealing. The sound is jolly and the speech is really quite good, but it's not a game for me.


This is quite a nice little gambling game, although the over-complicated rules of the game take one hell of a lot of reading. Once you're actually read them through a couple of times and sussed the game out, you can have a bit of fun, especially when a couple of players play.

The graphics are quite nice and the music is akin to the stuff that plays over the local supermarket Tannoy. If you're after a betting game, then have a look at this one.


Oh dear, yet another gambling game for the C64...?! No real risk, no excitement or challenge... Miami Dice isn't too bag, though, and at least the programmers have made an effort to produce some form of exciting variation on the theme. The presentation, graphics and music are all very competent, and the game is fun to play for a while - more fun than Mastertronic's Video Poker.

Two quid isn't asking too much for one of the better gambling games available, so if you like the occasional flutter, why not give it a whirl?


Presentation 86%
Comprehensive instructions and easy-to-use betting system.

Graphics 74%
Large, adequately drawn and animated characters.

Sound 78%
Klaus Wunderlich meets SID.

Hookability 64%
The instructions are heavy going, but if you're familiar with crapping you'll take to it with ease.

Lastability 70%
Plenty of gambling fun with the option to continue play at a later date.

Value For Money 78%
One of the cheapest and more enjoyable ways of gambling.

Overall 72%
A competent gambling game which should appeal to craps fans.