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Miami Dice
By Bug Byte
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #38

Miami Dice

A game with a name like Miami Dice has to be either brilliant, or the most appalling piece of software since Ninja Master. Miami Dice is, in fact, craps. Craps is a dice game played in American casinos, they couldn't get the hang of roulette so they invented something simpler. People like Tony Curtis and Robert Wagner used to play it in their films.

Miami Dice is more than just a computer version of the board game like chess, or backgammon, there's a bit of fun thrown in. It helps if you know the rules, so here's a brief run down.

Craps is played with two dice and bets are placed as to the outcome of a roll. The player currently holding the dice is called the shooter and the first roll of the dice the 'come out' roll.

Miami Dice

If the shooter rolls seven or eleven on the come out roll the bet is immediately won. If, on the other hand two, three or twelve (craps) is rolled the player loses. Now, here's the tricky bit. If any other combination is rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) this is known as a point number and the player must try and repeat the score before throwing a 7. So, 7 is a winning number on the come out throw and a loser on all others.

How you lose your money is another thing altogether. A winning shooter is said to 'pass' a loser to 'miss'. The table has a pass line where you can bet on a loser. Now you know why Robert Wagner was always giving his gambling companions dirty looks.

The odds on a pass and don't pass bet are obviously events. There are other bets you can make, with associated odds, but if I explained them all you wouldn't get to find out about the game. So, take it from me, there's a fair amount to this lark.

Miami Dice

Up to four people can play, the computer handles the others if you're short on company. You can choose which cartoon-type character you want to be. There is the rich Arab Shiek Your Handy, Harry Lagman, No Messin Stan, Shapely Suzie and a few others. Alternatively you can just be yourself.

The computer announces, "They're comin' out" in pretty good American speech, and the four players make themselves comfortable round the table. When it comes to your turn to waggle the joystick to make your cartoon counterpart shake the dice and fire to release them. The dice go flying across the table in 3D perspective and come to rest.

The game continues like this, each player taking turns as shooter until their go ends. You can bet on your own go, or anyone else's by pressing your number (i.e. 1 if you went first). This brings up the plan view of the table, which looks similar to a roulette table without the wheel.

You place your bets using a joystick-controlled cursor and similarly transfer money from your pot. Once your bet has been placed it's back to the perspective view of the table and the game continues.

Only one thing bothered me. I'm sure on one occasion I wasn't paid out, but it could easily have been one bourbon too many and I didn't wanna screw up in such a classy joint so I kept my mouth shut.

I think Miami Dice is great (which is a sure fire indication it won't make the Charts). The graphics are good - very reminiscent of US Gold's Tapper, and you could play for hours without tiring of it. Probably more fun than the real thing - and cheaper.

Ken McMahon

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