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Los Angeles SWAT
By Entertainment USA
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #28

Los Angeles SWAT

Terrorists are on the streets, punks have taken control and LA is riddled with Commies. As usual there's only one thing to do, and this time it's a SWAT team that has to save the world, snore, drivel, bilge. The tactics are as complex as you'd expect - run up roads, shoot everyone you see and avoid the grenades that are bunged at you by the punks.

Eh wot? Isn't this just a bit like Commando? And indeed, SWAT is as near a copy as is possible without anyone calling their lawyers. And it's not nearly as good.

I mean, look at the scrolling - or rather don't, 'cos it's slower than Seb Coe and almost as flickery. Attribute problems are everywhere, and the graphics make Platoon look like an Amiga. What's more, don't bother playing on the keyboard, as you'll only be able to use the cursor keys. And when you're shooting, you cannot move. This can be awkward sometimes - such as when you want to move, but can't, because if you stop shooting you'll die, or vice versa. If there is a way out, you're bound to be zapped when you press the wrong key!

Los Angeles SWAT must be just about the worst game I've ever played. Beside it, even Kai Temple pales into insignificance. Lemme out of here!

Awful Commando clone which makes VU-File look addictive. You're best off burying it in a mound of peat and exploding it from a safe distance.

Nat Pryce

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