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Your Sinclair

By Pirate
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #26


Murphy is a pneumatic hammer operator, who loves his job so much that he's built his own supercharged hammer, complete with laser gun! One boring Saturday afternoon he decided to go for a spin on his new wonder-machine.

After spending so much time working on his new hammer, I bet Murphy was well p***ed off to find himself in an inferior Kosmic Kanga rip-off. Okay, this isn't a straight copy. The programmer has taken only the worst features of that old classic, and added a few strange ideas of his own - try bouncing on half-naked girls to gain extra points, for example. (Yes please - Marcus)

The appealing graphics of the original have been replaced by drab scenery and messy sprites, and the scrolling is terribly slow. Even worse, Murphy suffers from the dreaded go-back-to-the-beginning-when-you-die syndrome - I thought I'd seen the last of that yonks ago.

Murphy is an absolutely dire game. I can't see the sense in releasing it with a three quid price tag when Mastertronic and Firebird offer excellent software at two-thirds of the price (How about greed? Ed). Steer clear.

A totally naff rip-off of an ancient game. Not worth the asking price.

Nat Pryce

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