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Loony Loco
By Kansas City Systems

Published in A&B Computing 3.12

Gone and forgotten

You may recall the history of this game: released to unrapturous crowds at the autumn Acorn User Show, it was withdrawn from release with only a handful of copies sold.

Now, thanks to Bob Freese of London SW7 who was dumb enough to buy one, I've managed to have a look at the game. What is surprising is not that it was withdrawn from sale but that anyone ever considered it releasable in the first place!

It looks like a magazine listing game, it plays like a magazine listing game and it is a turkey. A Grade A, guaranteed turkey with all the appeal of a broken ZX81. If you should ever get the chance to pick up a copy of this game (thrill to the daredevil antics of the engine!) then please, pass it up.

Dave Reeder

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