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Home Computing Weekly

Logo Graphics Interpreter
By Kuma Computers
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

A sort of primitive screen designer plus a poor man's Forth, and I'm not sure at which market it is aimed.

The on-screen turtle (round cursor and direction pointer) is moved by entering commands: draw, reverse, jump, left, right, round, etc, followed by pixel length or angle, plus 'erase' on straight lines. Features are circles and ink change, in-built calculator and screen dump to printer.

You can define 20 complex commands, incorporating original commands, i.e. to draw a square (repeat 4, draw 60, right 90, continue, end) you can simply command Square. User commands mixed together with original can form more complex user commands. Further commands allow limitation and changes of size. No SAVE SCREEN facility but you can BREAK into the Basic-written program and SAVE normally.

However, drawn lines have pixel gaps, there's no way to erase circles if you make a mistake, the jumping turtle leaves a space, and error-trapping is not perfect. I was advised "out of screen" when trying to draw something too big but, instead of returning to 'command' sequence, I was requested to enter 'length'.

A bit pricey for limited usefulness.


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