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Stock Accounting And Control
By Kemp
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

A good program, providing re-order warnings, revaluation and period account printout, with error-trap. Allows maximum 250 "type of item" headings with two entries (purchase or sale) per period. The average is 100 headings/10 transaction. With a large number of stock items of transactions, you will have to split the records on to several cassettes.

The 15-page manual makes your brain hurt! The information is all there, but the arrangement is not simple. A reference is included per transaction, which might have been useful to record supplier initials and invoice number, but permits only five characters.

I wish business programmers were not tempted by colour. Flashing red in bank programs does not improve a depressing situation and the green on black format here becomes tiring.

The date must be entered every transaction, even if it's the same as the previous entry, and the program is unforgiving as a "," typed instead of a ".".


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