Knight Games
By English
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #60

Knight Games

Tootle-ey-toot! What's that? English Software blowing their own trumpet, no doubt. And they've certainly got the right to do so now they've released the Amstrad version of Knight Games.

Stepping out in the cold light of day, I entered the first battle, a simple sword-fight. The graphics are more colourful than the Commodore, and very well animated.

The next event, which you reach by loading from tape, is the Quarterstaff. Here you are atop a log which rests dangerously above a fast-flowing river. You do your utmost to knock your foe off the log.

Knight Games

In you get tired of attacking a simulated knight, you can elect - through the rather pleasant menu screen - to play against a human. This is a bit tricky on the Amstrad, since there is only one joystick port.

The second player must use the keyboard control keys to move around. Not very convenient but it's the best that anyone could be expected to do. The other events are there too, and they have various backgrounds. Some are very pretty. Some aren't.

The only events which stray from the standard movements of left, right, and other strikes are the crossbow and archery events. Here, all you have to do is move your sight around the mid-distance and then release a bolt or arrow.

Knight Games is really just another combat game, but it has enough originality to make it worth a look.