Big K

King Arthur's Quest

Publisher: Hill MacGibbon
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Big K #10

King Arthur's Quest

A full graphic 3D journey through the land of Camelot in the shoes of King Arthur, trying to undo a spell cast by Morgana la Fey that's freezing the joint. Not only do you have to work out all the usual adventure game problems, vocabulary, movement, uses of objects, spatial relationships and tricky little puzzles, but you also have to solve a riddle and do all this before you start imitating a metallic anthropoid.

Hill MacGibbon don't give you much help either. Apart from a spell-breaker code and a very general blurb, all you get is an overlay for the top row of the Spectrum keyboard, which gives you eight effective commands - left, right, forward, drop, get, use and spell. The mechanics you have to work out for yourself, which takes a lot, and I mean a lot of trial and error. The get/use/drop actions are particularly baffling.

Compounding all these problems is the need to reload the game completely whenever you get wiped out, which isn't hard. The graphics are adequate, though the 3D field isn't very deep, giving you a rather limited visibility range, and the whole thing is laid out in chess board-like squares, round which shuffle feeling fairly pawn-like how to load and save, would have been in order, not to mention some pointers on the commands.