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Karate Combat
By Superior

Published in A&B Computing 3.07

I've already reviewed Yie Ar Kung Fu and The Way Of The Exploding Fist and have found them both to be very good combat games. Here's another one, this time by Superior.

Karate Combat is similar in many ways to Fist in that you fight against opponents of varying skill but each opponent looks the same and does not carry any weapons (as in Yie Ar). The characters are depicted in Mode 1 and are absolutely flicker-free.

As far as animation is concerned, it's far better than the other two. There is a wide range of moves which may be executed comfortably. There is also a practice option which allows you to execute all the moves against a kick bag - a feature missing from the other two. So would I say this game is better than the other two?

Well, I found the background music extremely irritating - so much so that I'm led to believe it's completely random. Also, the lack of an energy bar for the opponent was a bit off-putting. Nevertheless, it is enjoyable. My personal favourite is still Yie Ar Kung Fu and Fist comes second.

If you already possess one or both of them, then it probably isn't worth getting Karate Combat simply because you won't find anything new. If however you've never come across a combat simulation game before, then do have a look at all three of them and decide for yourself.

Dave Reeder

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