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Omega Orb
By Audiogenic

Published in A&B Computing 4.07

This could have been embarrassing! After extensively previewing this game with three diary segments and then being able to offer you readers a special discount on the price, there was always the danger that Peter Scott would have had a mental aberration and produced a game that was not up to scratch.

I'm delighted to say that this was not the case! The game, from the initial demo screens and ideas he sent me many weeks ago to the release version, is a gem with its only obvious flaw being the occasional attribute problem that I'm surprised should slip past Peter's stringent standards.

If you've read the diary then you'll know the plot - arcade adventure involving the collection of various core pieces, alien killing, puzzle solving, etc. As usual with Scott's games, the graphics are large and satisfyingly chunky, the main character Blip is carefully crafted, the screens are lively and the game plays very easily and well.

All Scott fans will want this one (There's even a quick guest appearance by SPRECO!) and it should earn him a lot of new admirers. ASL don't seem keen to advertise at present - a shame as games of this quality should be reaching a wide audience.

Dave Reeder

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