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Jet Boot Jack
By English

Published in Electron User 2.05

A couple of months ago I played this game's BBC version on the big brother machine and found it fascinating. It is one of those annoyingly addictive games that Micro Power have the knack of producing. I was delighted on receiving the Electron version to find that it is identical - no scaled down sound or fewer features, but the full implementation with no perceptible change, not even in speed.

Perhaps I should add that I find the game a little too fast, as I prefer to achieve some degree of success straight away, and my young son also enjoys trying the games out. But we both found the initial action too speedy. I have tried the BBC version on the Electron and found I was able to accumulate a decent score and develop a strategy.

There are five screens, which may be accessed separately from the menu. If screen one is chosen, and you are a better player than I, the other screens are encountered in order. On each the basic format is the same, with a spaceship on the left needing to be refuelled with fuel which is on the right. Shades of JET PAC, perhaps, which I enjoyed greatly in my misspent youth on the Sp*ctr*m.

The man is moved across the screen by careful use of the left/right controls, and the hover motor. There are safe platforms to rest on briefly, but nearly everything else is quite lethal to Jack. Each screen has different problems, with elements of other games appearing, such as the vertically moving monsters which have the same effects as the lifts in Corporate Climber.

The graphics are good, the smoothness of the movement superb. Sound is fair, and can be turned off if required. The key response is quick, precise and accurate. I just wish my reactions were!

Phil Tayler