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A&B Computing

By Microwave nw
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.05


This program, known as Index, is a database program, with one alphabetical and one numerical part entry. The inputed data is then alphabetically sorted and displayed to the VDU, and if required to any printer that is connected.

On loading, a menu is displayed, showing the available options which include the loading of previously saved files, the initialisation of a new file, a save file option, and a print/display option, and finally an exit option, which will remind you if you haven't saved the file you have been working on yet.

To actually use the program is simplicity itself; it is very self-explanatory, and comes with a well written guide book.

Initially the program only allows up to four digit numbers between 1 (not 0001) and 9999, but this may be changed to accept either smaller, or larger, numbers, although I still could not not names with relevant telephone numbers!

To use this program as an index proved very successful. I indexed all my magazines in rack-location numbers. It will also store any duplicate entries by name, then print all references on the same line, just separated by commas. Thus the entry 'A&B COMPUTING, 401,402,403'. Also each different initial letter wil be printed as a block, and each block is separated by a blank line, so as to aid visual impact. A sample index is also supplied and gives a good idea of its capabilities.

Altering the entries is easy, and can be immediately appreciated by reading the file again, and at any point in the usage you can return to the main menu by keying Escape. Other uses would be possible, indeed for any situation where these two types of entry would be required.

All in all, a worthwhile program for educational establishments, or for others who would require such a program.

Dave Reeder

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