Author: Phil King
Publisher: Rack-It
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #58


The follow-up to the tremendously popular Sweevo's World arrived in June 1987.

After doing a spot of tidying up in his previous adventure, Sweevo has now been given the task of draining the polluted Deathbowl, a sort of giant aquarium. Clad in his diving gear, Sweevo must search the many 3-D isometric screens which make up the Deathbowl for the four plugs to pull out.

Unfortunately a variety of fairly dangerous creatures (including fish and sea serpents) which regard the Deathbowl as home don't want Sweevo to drain away the water. Yet more difficulty is created by the existence of puzzles, which must be solved by moving objects to certain places in order to remove a plug.

Although the gameplay is very similar to that in the prequel, Hydrofool provides a welcome second helping of whacky action and perplexing Greg Follis puzzles. This is complemented by beautifully defined graphics and atmospheric sound to make a high quality arcade adventure.

Phil King

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