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Your Sinclair

By Rack-It
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #37


Another Gargoyle re-release and the sequel to everybody's fave Knightlore clone Sweevo's World. As always with Greg and Roy, the idea was bizarre: an undersea world full of fish, clams, bubbles and Sweevo in an aqualung. It was one of those games that was never quite as gripping as it first looked. Full marks for graphics, playability and value for money, but addictiveness was somehow lacking.

It's good to see it again, though, and at £1.99 it does seem something of a steal. Nowadays of course, all cheapie 3D isometrics are ripped off from Head Over Heels, but Hydrofool is a return to more original days. Glub glub glub...

Marcus Berkmann

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