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By Superior/Acornsoft

Published in The Micro User 8.07

Who dares?!

We are used to big blockbuster games from Superior, and Hostages, their latest release, is no exception.

The basic aim is to enter a building occupied by terrorists and rescue their captives. This seemingly simple enterprise is divided into three parts.

First, three snipers must be placed strategically around the building. The main display shows a sniper who can run, crawl or perform tumbling rolls while being tracked by the terrorists' searchlight. If he's caught in the beam he expires in a hail of bullets. Fortunately, said sniper has an amazing ability to leap walls and get into any building.


On both the BBC Micro and Electron, the screen shows a plan view of the building indicating the sniper's position and a number of suitable hiding places. Accompanying sound effects are reasonable on the BBC Micro but rather inadequate on the Electron.

Stage two can be reached even if you have managed to get only one sniper in place, though it's vital to get your whole team ready to support him as they appear on the roof of the building.

Their task is to abseil down the building and crash in through the window. The carefully positioned snipers can be used to prepare the way by shooting out the glass first and perhaps eliminating a terrorist or two.


Actually smashing a man through a window is pretty difficult, and first attempts will send many a poor soul plunging earthwards.

If you find the use of keys difficult you may prere to use a joystick - First Byte or Plus 1 types work equally well on the Electron.

Once again, it is possible to move to level three with only one man into the building. But with half a dozen terrorists spread over three floors, plus six hostages to get to safely, it is as well to concentrate on getting all three abseilers through the window.

Level three is a three dimensional maze. The terrorists can appear at any time and you have to be quick on the trigger to survive. To make the game not too violent any shot terrorists are merely disabled.

When hostages are found, they follow you to a safe room on the third floor while you try to ensure that they are not shot on the way by the enemy. The graphics are very good and while it's quite hard to get started, the game certainly can grow on you and lead to that just one more go syndrome. If you don't object to violence, I can recommnd Hostages.

Rog Frost

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