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Head Over Heels
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Computer & Video Games #104

Head Over Heels

The nasty baddy Blacktooth has captured Mr. Head and Mr. Heels and enslaved them in his solar system which consists of five planets. You have to liberate each planet before taking on the head guy and beating his ass into the ground. Only snag is, Head and Heels have been split up and, as Head is only good at jumping, and Heels is pretty hot off the mark when it comes to covering ground, you're going to have to get the pair together again before things can really happen.

And, in the meantime, you've got to deal with such hazards as remote controlled Prince Charles Daleks, electrified toasters and other weird and not-so-wonderful nasties! This, the most involving of the forced 3D perspective games of around three years ago is still one of the best to date, and sports marvellous monochrome graphics, speedy, jumpy gameplay and a tough and challenging mission across the five different worlds. Arcade adventure fans will love it!


A worthy release at three quid, featuring two of the strangest computer stars ever. A must for all Speccy owners.