Golden Mask
By Compass
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #69

Golden Mask

The story begins once more in the lands of Dral, where you have returned after defeating the evil Lord Drakon. Reunited with Wise the Owl, you listen intently as the old owl tells all of what has happened during your absence. At first you are overjoyed upon hearing that your companion Stodge the dwarf is not dead, as at first you feared, by the hands of Drakon.

It was soon apparent that many unsavoury things had happened during my absence. My first move in the game led me to a fire with the smouldering body of a demon on top of it. However, this was no bad thing as quick examination revealed a demon mask which would serve me well during the forthcoming adventure.

Making my way to a cave nearby I happened once more to be stopped in my tracks by a statue which moved and blocked my way. A quick read of the strange symbols on this animated piece of stone soon revealed a word I remembered from my first encounter, and all was revealed. Once through the caves, a quick spot of DIY on a boat, and I was sailing across a lake and found myself beside a deserted church. Here was the first of many encounters where the demon mask would prove useful.

The Golden Mask

An argument with a giant left me feeling a little awful by having to give away a friend as the main course for this carnivorous monster, until the obvious struck me in the thrill of the chase.

Although the Golden Mask is a "quilled" graphics adventure, the author John Lemmon, has somehow managed to surpass even the quality of Demon From The Darkside with this one. In fact, the only thing which prevented me awarding it a personal rating of 10, was the irritating way some descriptions were erased from the screen before I had half a chance to read them.

Apart from that, The Golden Mask is an excellent adventure, and well worth digging into your pockets for.