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Computer Gamer

Gerry The Germ Goes Body Poppin'
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #12

Gerry The Germ Goes Body Poppin'

Gerry the Germ has just been thrown out of the Illstitute of Infectology for failing to get his stinkploma and he's desperate to prove that he's a good parasite.

Luckily, he finds a body to infect and takes the chance to prove his despicable worth.

The infectious action begins in the lungaroo (lungs) where you must steer Gary around the red blood vessels where he can steal the bottle of oxygen that are produced. The red cells follow a set circular pattern, so it should be quite easy to follow round and make a dive for the oxygen at the right moment. Unfortunately it isn't as a white blood cell is on patrol looking for germs, just like you.

The combination of the red blood cell patterns and the white cell patrolling make this screen almost impossible. You might get enough oxygen to raise the victim's temperature a bit, but not enough to do any damage. So, having failed in the lungs, it's off to the bladder.

As you would expect the bladder isn't a particularly nice place complete with rotting food and a continually dripping pipe. Your object is to reach an island but before you make it, you will have to control the pipe dripping with a loo roll and avoid a bull and a cock that are out to get you.

If you get clear of the bladder it's off to the kidneys.

Gerry the Germ is not an easy game to play and it will be some time before you savour the delights of infecting medical supplies on a train in the Pancreas, avoid healthy food in the stomach and finally reach the heart where the game and your victim ends.

Each screen can be thought of as a game in itself; however, I suspect that their difficulty lies mainly in learning set routes and understanding the appropriate part of the instructions. These are presented in comic strip style but are hard to read and it will take a few games before you know exactly what you're trying to do.

Having said that, the game is undoubtedly original and fun to play.