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Gerry The Germ
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #54

Gerry The Germ

Nice graphics - shame about the game. There's a germ of a good game lurking within this new release from Firebird in their hot range. Unfortunately the game is so unplayable that it's hard to discover just where it is.

The idea of the game is for you to help Gerry become the most virulent virus around by running not through screens which represent various parts of the human body. But this isn't so much a Fantastic Voyage - more a budget trip on the Broads.

The screens look extremely attractive. Gerry is a cute little monster. But thanks to inadequate instructions - drawn cartoon-style - you're never really sure just what you're supposed to be about.

Gerry could be a nice character given the right outlet for his obvious comic talents - but this game doesn't make the most of them. Overpriced and unplayable.