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Galactic Gunfight
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

Yes, it's time to take on those aliens again, this time in a Galactic Gunfight.

Before the game starts, you are given the option of using joystick or keyboard. If the keyboard is selected, you can then decide which of the three keys you want to use for moving the starfighter up and down, and to fire.

Next comes the level of difficulty, which is set from the laser firing time and can be from one to 100 seconds. Twenty is regarded as "Super Pro".

Play then starts, as you attempt to blast the aliens which appear in squadrons of five.

Since you only have a limited time in which to dispose of your attackers. some strategic play is called for.

Any time remaining when you have destroyed a squadron will be required when the next arrives, particularly as this moves twice as fast.

There is a limit to the number of times your laser can be fired in succession. More than two bursts will result in overheating for which a cooling period is required, which wastes time.

Quite a good game, made that much better by having such a range of difficulty levels.


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