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The Last Of The Free
By Audiogenic

Published in A&B Computing 4.01

The Last Of The Free

The "last of the free" is a droid called Clement who has a mission to fulfill. His task is to escape from a planet of hostile robots and warn humanity about their manic tendencies. The going is tough with many objects to find and use in solving puzzles. This difficulty is compounded by the numerous robots which patrol the many rooms, trying to drain your precious energy. You control Clement by making him run, jump, pick up and use objects which are scattered about the planet.

The background to the game may be a little unoriginal but it is well programmed if slightly boring to play. As with many an arcade adventure, it is frustratingly addictive but rewarding, solving puzzles and progressing to new and unexplored areas of the planet. The gameplay is smooth and requires fast reactions. The puzzles need logical solutions to complete the task of escaping.

Peter Scott, the programmer, has packed in a huge amount of graphics and room details which are only spoilt by monotonous colour combinations. The robots, including Clement, are detailed and suitably animated; they do flicker slightly but not enough to detract from gameplay. Sound is only used to indicate a jump or being killed etc. You are given five lives and you will certainly need them to survive until the end.

This is a good quality arcade adventure which is easy to get into but hard to complete. It has its faults but it is still worth trying.

Dave Reeder

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