Amstrad Action


Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: Bulldog
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #19


Yet another label from Mastertronic, perhaps trying to disguise its consistently large volume of releases. This first title is a battle between two brothers who also happen to be wizards. Naturally when these guys fall out, you can expect fireworks. You play Learic, one of the wizards, and have to battle Leanoric to the death. Now is that any way for brothers to behave?

The battle takes place in a very picturesque landscape, where you shuffle around in long robes. At the start you're standing behind your cauldron and can then wander off to explore the woods, river, houses, graveyard, walls, plants and other scenery. Most of this is just to create a maze that you've got to learn your way around.


The basic aim is to collect together herbs to make spells which you then cast at the other wizard to destroy him. The herbs are found dotted around and have to be picked up and returned to the cauldron to mix the spells. It takes two particular herbs to mix a spell.

There are twelve spells. They can be offensive like fireball and lightning, or defensive like protect and invisible. There are other inhabitants of the village. You can also cast spells on them, but mostly they just get in the way. One guards a garden, though, which contains many of the herbs.

The graphics are good, and so is the game concept. What's lacking though is action. You spend a lot of time searching for herbs followed by short bursts of spell casting activity. It's a difficult long-term task that will provide plenty of enjoyment but just lacks some excitement.

Second Opinion


Fabulous graphics, above-average sound effects and a £2 price tag should have made this game a winner. Lack of gameplay, dearth of exciting joystick-bending action and want of 'wannanothergo' material let Feud down. Still, it's a new label and only two quid.

First Day Target Score


Green Screen View

All is visible.



Graphics 70% P. Well-designed, colourful scenery. P. Good animation for characters.

Sonics 60% P. Pleasant title tune. N. Very little in-game sound.

Grab Factor 58% P. An awful lot of just wandering around may put you off.

Staying Power 71% P. Once you know the game's layout and start battling, it gets much more interesting. P. A very tough wizard opponent.

Overall 70% Original concept.

Bob Wade

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