Endurance Racing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Endurance Racing

From the programmers who brought you CRL's popular Formula One team-manager simulation comes Endurance Racing - which does the game thing for long distance motorcycling racing.

You have to look after a team or teams of racing bikes out to win the World Endurance Racing Championship. You control the preparation of the team, the selection of riders, the turning of the machines - and must also oversee the pit work for the team during these all-important championship races.

Endurance motorcycle racing is a team effort. Success depends as much on the maintenance of the bikes during many pit stops as on racing ability of riders.


A crash may not be terminal. If your rider can ride or push the bike back to the pits, repairs can be carried out and lost time made up.

Authentic team names and riders are already stored in the computer but these can be changed. You can customise your own team, selecting your team name, bike type, colour numbers and rider names.

Each bike must be prepared for the race. The engine or chassis characteristics are adjustable and you must make your own decisions in line with the level of play. A bar-graph will increase showing an increase of power, mpg etc.

Throughout the race the first six bikes are displayed on the score-board and the order of the first sixteen bikes are shown from left to right in front of the grandstand.

The team name of the leader and distance he had covered are also displayed. If your bike number turns red it shows that something is wrong.

During the race, instruction can be given to your riders by pressing the select keys and entering the bike number. All riders start off riding normally but they can be instructed to take things easy, if protecting a good lead or ride as fast as possible.