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Published in ZX Computing #23


Beware! From the picture on the cover you may think that this is an arcade game - not so. This is in fact a strategy and tactical game par excellence, if this game is bought by mistake then it may well convert a few hardened arcade addicts.

One to six players can compete and the keys are redefinable or a Kempston joystick can be used. Games may be saved to tape to allow you to continue with a game later on.

The first stage is in selecting the bike components and the riders; this is done by choosing between options displayed graphically. During the race, messages will be given and you can send instructions to your riders. Wear and tear must be dealt with as well as refuelling. Unexpected problems such as headlamp failure and crash damage will add to your headaches.

As a motorbike fanatic, I loved this game and I suppose you had better take that into account when looking at my rating. I find the arcade simulations of motorcycle racing unsatisfying but the program seemed to produce all the atmosphere and excitement of the track. I felt sorry for the unsung managers of the teams after playing this.

Clive Smith

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