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Home Computing Weekly

By Quicksilva
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #76

Originally written for the BBC, this program allows you to convert your TV screen to a canvas on which you can create masterpieces in vivid colours.

You can choose from eight colours and the ink for drawing. The keys are well chosen and are far away from the break key. There's nothing more frustrating than accidentally pressing the break key and wiping out hours of hard work.

After drawing a shape you are given a routine for filling in the chosen colour. Unfortunately I was unable to make this work and ended up losing my drawing. Several other routines allow you to make various shapes.

There are also eight flashing colours which will brighten up your drawings. The only thing I found lacking is a routine to correct any mistakes instead of redrawing. I overcame this by using the background ink to camouflage the mistakes. It's not satisfactory but it helps.

After you have created your masterpiece you can save it to tape and use it later. Apart from the minor bug, this program helps produce excellent pictures. Who knows - you may be the modern Da Vinci.


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